Reviews - Hendry Primitivo

Hendry Primitivo 2012
91 | Hendry 2012 Block 24 Primitivo Napa Valley
The producer does nice things with this 100% Primitivo, coaxing attractive, chewy, liqueur-like fruit from the grapes before aging them in French oak, just a third of the barrels new. The woody tones are well integrated, and the wine boasts a smooth texture and subtle power.
Wine Enthusiast | BUYING GUIDE, April 2015 print

Hendry Primitivo 2011

87 |2008 Hendry Vineyard Napa Valley Block 24 Primitivo
Tastes like Zinfandel, a tannic, dry spicy wine with blackberry, cherry, currant, tobacco and leather flavors.  Lots of richness here, and it wears its high alcohol well.  Enjoy with barbecue. 
Wine Enthusiast | August 2011 

88 | 2007 Hendry Vineyard Napa Valley Block 24 Primitivo
Here’s a bright, dry and very fruity wine.  It has Zinfandel-like flavors of wild red and black berries and stone fruits, with lots of dusty Indian spices and vanilla-caramel flavors from oak.  The acidity tastes a bit unnatural given the high alcohol, but it’s a good, rich wine.
Wine Enthusiast | September 2010

90 | 2004 Hendry Vineyard Napa Valley Block 24 Primitivo
This wine wears its 15.8% alcohol better than any similarly heady wine out there.  Yes, it’s a bit hot, but the heat comes across as a slight chili pepper edge to the blackberry and dark unsweetened chocolate flavors, and the wine is, in its own way, balanced and elegant.   Hard to imagine a more perfect barbecue red.
Wine Enthusiast | February 2008

91 | 2002 Hendry Vineyard Napa Valley Block 24 Primitivo
For California Primitivo this wine advances the argument a mile.  It’s rich and ripe in berry, cocoa and coffee flavors, with a fabulously delicious finish.  What it has in common with Zinfandel is a briary exuberance, but it’s really closer in quality to a fine Napa Cab.
Wine Enthusiast | August 2005



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